"I'm from a charity, holding a fundraising event and hoping you may be able to help us by donating some ...."

We think that's great! We're so glad to see that people are making time to give their energies and expertise to a charity or organization that is trying to make a difference.

Amazing Party Store donates thousands of dollars to charities each year. How do we do it? It's simple. We give generous discounts to charities when they are buying from our store. It's our way of helping you to help others.

Clearly it's not the same as giving away products for free. We understand that. And when you hear that we get 2 or 3 phone calls or emails from charities every week asking for donations, we know you'll understand why we cannot fulfill each and every request. Although our heart says "do it", it's simply not realistic.

We also know that if you're involved in a charitable organization, you're passionate and committed to your cause. It's commendable and we recognize and applaud the commitment, time and effort put in.

So if we were asked to single out any one charity, while turning down another charity, it would be far too weighty a task to undertake.

Can you imagine having to decide who was more worthy of support; the charity working with the blind or the charity working with the deaf? Or the charity working with cancer patients or the charity working with those with multiple sclerosis? Or....?

So if you are considering asking us for help with your fundraising event, please do. Don't be put off asking us to see what we can do. There are many things that we can supply to you at discounted rates that you might not get from elsewhere, thus freeing up crucial funds to put directly towards your chosen cause.

Thank you for your understanding and we sincerely wish everyone the best with their efforts. In the meantime, we look forward to working together to help you achieve every success by providing your organization with assistance and discounts whenever we can.