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Renting a Helium Tank

Why rent a tank?

We offer a range of Balloon Services; both in our store and also at your location. We fill hundreds, sometimes thousands of balloons each week. However, sometimes you may wish to inflate your own balloons. 

Perhaps you are giving away balloons at an event or would like to make your own display at your own pace. Whatever the reason, renting a Helium Tank is not as complicated as you may think and Amazing Party Store is happy to help.

Renting a tank and self-filling balloons can be more economical than using in-store balloon services - particularly when the quantities are large.

What size tanks are available?

5 Helium tank sizes - from 50 to 500 balloons

Tank Size Balloons Filled Rental Cost
HEL50 Approx. 50x 11in $85
HEL100 Approx. 100x 11in $110
HEL160 Approx. 160x 11in $145
HEL250 Approx. 250x 11in $200
HEL550 Approx. 550x 11in $400

*Prices subject to change. Yield based on inflating a standard 11 inch latex balloon without over-inflating.

Step-by-step guide to renting a tank.

  1. Confirm Availability
    It is recommended that you confirm the availability of the Helium Tank before the required time. We try to keep all sizes available at all times, but we cannot predict demand.

  2. Reserve Equipment
    Once you've determined the appropriate size tank, we'll reserve one for you and have it ready in time for you to pick it up. You may also wish to arrange for delivery.

  3. Equipment Check-out
    When you check-out the tank we'll provide instruction on it's use. We'll begin by gauging the content of the tank, in front of you, to confirm that it is full at the time of check-out. You'll be provided with a filling nozzle and shown how to attach, use and detach the nozzle. This will also serve as confirmation that the equipment is functional at the time of check-out. We'll also speak to you about transporting a helium tank.

  4. Use and Return
    We hope your use of the helium tank is successful. Once you reach the end of the agreed rental period you'll need to return the tank to the store. Important: Do NOT transport the helium tank with the nozzle attached.

    When the equipment arrives back at the store we'll check it is complete and free from damage. Then we'll complete the return process and the rental will be over.The rental agreement you sign during the check-out process is your acceptance of responsibility for costs involved in repairing or replacing damaged equipment. 

Capped Helium TankPressure GaugeFilling NozzleFilled Balloons

Anything else?

If you have any questions about Helium Tank Rental, please don't hesitate to call us at 905-566-5959 or come into the store and speak to a member of staff.

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